Devika Paintings

Devika Pillay

I am a South African artist who’s passionate about addressing the plight of others. Children and the elderly in South Africa feature prominently in many of my works.

The highlight of my career was meeting Nelson Mandela. I gave him a portrait of himself on behalf of the community of Durban in 2006.

The gift was an appreciation of his lifelong contribution to bringing about national reconciliation. He has since inspired me to continue my portrayal of those in need. I have also done many commissioned portraits of Chief Albert Luthuli, Ghandi and Steve Biko.

My talents are by no means confined to just oil paintings. Some of my most memorable works are the murals that adorn the walls of Chief Albert Luthuli Central Hospital and in the homes of people that have commissioned me. Other hospitals showcased in the gallery are Chatsmed Gardens, Crompton Hospital Pinetown, Westville Paediatric Ward and Mount-Edgecombe Paediatric Ward.

Devika Paintings

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