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  • Louise Alexandra
    After two decades in the Building industry I can say with conviction that lighting remains the most important and enjoyable part of any project. It is the key mood creator, art enhancer and architectural detail (even when switched off) in any interior, in my opinion It is important then that one has an appropriate selection from which to choose when completing a project. I tend to support frequent lighting supply stores that host collections to suit both top-end as well as budget stories for my Developers. Time is money and a one-stop shop short-circuits my sourcing process... I am excited about newcomer, Light and Decor Matters which is situated conveniently in the Woodstock decor precinct. In addition to their diverse offerings on both lighting and decor accessories front, this new ‘interiors convenience store’ offers valuable sourcing solutions. They research, track and hand deliver whatever additional fittings I require in order to complete my final finishing phase of a particular project This is just the sort of “partner-store” one needs in our fast-paced day and age: Selection. Service. Speed. Lighting and Decor does Matter... a real Light Saver
    Louise Alexandra
    Final Finishing Consultant - Building & Interiors

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